Giant for “TITS” up in Belgrade

– stays in Belgrade
After I have been sure to be three days a week in Belgrade for a couple of month, I had to find a solution how to train. With my ambitious dream to take part in the Transcontinental Race IV, I was determined get my “tits” up. (time in the saddle)
Back home I was still training with my 1970 Giant Road lite, fixed gear steel diva, while waiting for the horse I wanted to ride through Europe to arrive.
The first few weeks while I was contemplating if I should buy a second hand road bike in Berlin or in Serbia or even another new one, I started to run.
I wanted to keep my stamina up and my weight down, which has been a wise decision thinking of the Serbian cuisine being pretty meat and fat heavy and my general tendency to overeat.
Cyclists run
I had been good shape and my motivation was high up. I hit the road and did it all wrong.
Today the December issue of the “Tour-Magazine” gave me a good laugh. An article for explaining cyclist how to properly run (for winter training) listed a bullet list the worst things to do and I did get a 5 out of 6.
  • run for too long
  • start with to much speed
  • run with to big steps
  • missing arm movement
  • no body tension
  • compensating with the foot movement
I think they have missed the point with running with too old used shoes.
A Giant Achilles
I started with 9 km a day and in the second week I already run 20 km and the week after I got it up to full marathon mileage per day.
Not for long. My fitness was good, but running technique not existent and my shoes 8 years old and my joints and tendons had no clue what was happening to them.
A “Giant” walnut sized ball in my left Achilles made me stop right away. It did hurt.
The pressure for a solution had raised and “the internet” suggest the perfect solution… “Try these alternative exercises: Swimming, pool running and bicycling (in low gear).”
 I decided to a buy a new Giant Propel Advanced.
 Giant Propel Advanced
A beast made of Carbon, smoothly curved, lean in build, a thoroughbred of the road. Simply beautiful.
It was still painful to walk and I could not yet rotate my feet properly. Stairs have been horrible but I could ride and I did.
Tomorrow I will leave Belgrade (for now, my contract is over). This horse feels home here and I will give it to trusted hands to stay in Belgrade, someone who right now can hardly walk without pain, but hopefully soon be able to spin.
Welcome another “Friend of the Road”! One day we may ride up to Avala  together!
Thank you!

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